Time Flies

I have been waiting with bated breath for WEEKS for S to come to town. Last week especially seemed to crawl by. I made it through my last clinical at the nursing home and booked it to the airport Friday night, scrubs and all.

Now, almost 48 hours later and he’s gone again. 🙁 As usual we had the most magical time together. How cheesy, but oh so true. Every time I’m around S the rest of the world seems to stand still and it’s just the two of us. It keeps getting better and better.

We’re talking more and more about the future and it’s really exciting. As hesitant as I was to even think about making the ultimate commitment after the outcome of my first (naively-entered-into) marriage, all of my walls have come crumbling down. He just fits me. First step: Figure out how we can actually live in the same state again and move in together. This will take some time to figure out the logistics but even the figuring-out part is exciting. And the best part is we’re keeping the lines of communication open so that there are no surprises and no misunderstandings.

I love him.

Oh yes, and the semester officially starts tomorrow. We already have assignments for our classes that haven’t even met yet. Sonofabitch.


P.S.  Oh yes, and his surprise was tickets to one of our all-time favorite Broadway musicals!  He was so excited – and sang along to every word from his seat.  So adorable!

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