Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?

Oh, the irony. I go on and on about self-care and then comes my final semester…

I have propelled myself through nursing school with the mantra that “I can survive this…it’s only temporary”. (Not to mention repeatedly chanting “It is what it is.”) But I am a mere 48 hours into my new schedule and have already started questioning my sanity. Requiring 300 clinical hours by mid-April is no joke.

This is what my days will look like for the next few months:

  1. 4:30 am. Alarm clock rudely interrupts whatever I am dreaming about. I drag myself into the shower, throw on the clothes I have set out the night before and kiss a sleeping husband.
  2. 5:30 am-6:30ish. Into my clinical site for morning report. Since my quality improvement project will center around clinical handovers (more on that soon), I have to collect data before we implement the project. Which means being there to catch as many staff as possible at change of shift. After finishing data collection, it will mean being there at change of shift to help the staff adjust to the new process.
  3. Run home, refill my coffee mug and kiss a groggy husband.
  4. 8 am. Report for work. Attempt to make it through the day.
  5. 1 pm – 3 pm (4 out of the next 6 weeks). Slip away to my clinical site for the second change of shift.
  6. 5 pm. Close out my work day and change into gym clothes. If this doesn’t happen at work, it won’t happen at all.
  7. Drive to the gym. Motivate myself on the way with Zumba music.
  8. Power through a class or two.
  9. 8 pm. Return home, kiss a cooking husband, shower and change into scrubs. Eat a delicious dinner on the run.
  10. 9:30 pm – 11 pm. Back to clinical to catch outgoing evening shift/incoming night shift staff.
  11. 11:30 pm. Set out my work clothes and gym clothes for tomorrow. Crawl into bed and curse my alarm clock.

Add to this a monster education project in February that will feature additional evening and weekend hours. And several full days at clinical on my Fridays off. And two (maybe three) conferences between now and the end of April.

Don’t even bother asking about homework…I don’t want to talk about it.

It’s only temporary, right?

Ah, well, it is what it is.

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