The Home Stretch

My final term begins today. And while I’m still trying to figure out what’s next, I am ready to take this semester on.

The good news is we only have two classes this spring, totaling 7 credits. The bad news is one of the classes alone is worth 6 credits (but I guess on the flip side, the other is worth only 1 🙂 ) Here’s a rundown of the last two hurdles:

  • CNL Residency – This is the 6-credit behemoth. We have to complete 300 clinical hours (on top of our regular jobs). I accumulated about 20 before the semester began by prepping for my quality improvement project. My goal is to have a big chunk of hours done by mid-March, so that I can focus on data analysis and putting everything together the last month of school. We’ll also be preparing for the CNL certification exam and meeting with advisory committees to ensure that we have met all the CNL competencies. The semester will culminate with a humongous paper and a professional presentation.
  • Integrative Health Leadership – The final in a 3-course series, we’ll be putting everything together. The big assignment of the term will be writing a proposal to incorporate an integrative health modality into our clinical site (we don’t actually have to implement it – just propose the idea).

I’m sure it will be a little rough around the edges. We will all be short on time and energy. But we are so close!

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