World Travelers

One thing I really like about my class is that a number of us have traveled abroad pretty extensively. And we all want to travel more! When discussing this a couple weeks ago with one of my classmates, I brought up the idea of proposing an International Health elective be offered next summer, culminating in a 2- to 3-week trip overseas to volunteer in a health setting. She was totally gung-ho!

We did a straw poll of the group and found at least 7 others (out of 19) who would be interested in the class. The challenges ahead were: 1) Getting the administration to endorse the idea and support our efforts however they could; and 2) Finding an instructor willing to teach the elective.

Done and done. In our first Professional Role Development class Wednesday morning, our instructor launches into her love for travel, her extensive experience abroad and her background in taking students with her! I almost cried, I was so excited. Immediately after class I e-mailed her the proposal we’d been working on and asked if she could give us some input or even think about teaching the class herself. Turns out she’s already got plans in the works for that exact course to be offered in Summer ’09 and has gotten the blessing of our dean and program director! And she’s going to India in February to do research, so she’s hoping to set up some connections there and have that be our site for the elective!

Sometimes all it takes is asking!

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