Alphabet Soup

My name is Nurse Teeny and I am an education addict.

There, I said it.

On the heels of promising to get over myself and live in the present, I stumbled across information about a local DNP program that offers certification as a Clinical Nurse Specialist-Gerontology. Or a Ph.D. in nursing education, focused on Community Health Nursing. Don’t even get me started on which one to choose (or how to do both, for that matter). Which all brings me to an important question…

Just how many letters do I really need after my last name?

Not that it’s really the credentials I’m seeking. It’s the learning. The thirst to know more, to be better, to offer more to my clients.

I full acknowledge that it’s also professional and personal restlessness. I know this. It’s part of the whole being “wound up tight” thing.

But if this tells you anything, the most important room in S and my dream home is the library (well, for S it’s probably a tie between the kitchen and library). Walls and walls of books. And big comfy chairs to read them in. And a big front porch for writing.

I thirst to know. It’s who I am.

I still pledge to stay put. For now. I’ve filed away the advanced practice program brochures for a rainy day. For the sake of my sanity and my family, I know I need a break.

But in a sick, twisted way, it feels good to know I can always go back.

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