My Endless Love

Sorry for the relative silence this week. I’ve been a little distracted…

My Precious

Yes, that’s right. I took the plunge.

My MacBook has done me right for the past five years. But lately the affectionately-termed “rainbow wheel of death” has been making appearances with increased frequency. It was clearly becoming time for a change.

Not to mention this semester is my last chance (for now) to utilize a student discount.

So I upgraded.

And I’m in love.

Yes, I’m a Mac geek. But I love the interface, the trackpad, the high speeds. I love the fact that with a couple clicks of a mouse and a little patience, I could turn on Migration Assistant and my new computer looked just like my old one, except with more bells and whistles and updated apps. It required 20-some hours of patience while everything moved over. But it would have taken a longer time cumulatively to do it myself.

So I’ll be drooling for a bit. And blogging with a little more spring in my type. 🙂

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