Puppy Love?

So I had kind of a crazy thought the other day. What if I were to get a dog?

You see, it’s been an incredibly difficult adjustment to living on my own once again. More difficult than I anticipated. Last time I had my own apartment, I absolutely loved it. This time, not so much. Acclimating to a new lifestyle, a new climate, a new pace and a new solitary existence, combined with re-acclimating to the schedule and demands of being a student, have not been kind to the ol’ head and heart. And I’m the type of person to hunker down when I get lonely, which is exactly the opposite of what I need to be doing. I need to get myself out there and force myself to be social and that’s really hard for me to do.

So if S can’t be here yet and I can’t exactly break my lease or find a roommate, and I’m sure as hell not crying “Uncle” and calling it quits, how do I address my loneliness? Find a companion who’s as loyal as they come and who will force me to get outside and get my butt moving! There are a ton of dogs living in my building and the owners all know each other. And there is a dog park right by my gym – walkable in about 30 brisk minutes.

The big obstacle is money of course. The budget of a grad student is not very new dog-friendly. I looked at my numbers and I could swing it, but it would be tight. And then there’s the time involved, although I really have quite a flexible schedule, except on my clinical days. A puppy would be more time-intensive (but also more fun).

Hmm…. So here’s my pro-con list.

Pros: Companionship, help me be more social, give me something to focus on besides school, have a cuddle buddy (Sorry S 🙂 ), more likely to go to bed at a decent hour rather than fall asleep on the couch simply to have some “company” in the television, and have someone to come home to at the end of the day. Canine beats quiet. And kisses beat, well, everything!

Cons: Cost, time requirements and constant schedule changes from semester-to-semester, having to brave the elements so the pup can do his/her business, waking up 30 minutes earlier to get in a walk in the morning (could also be a pro – extra exercise!).

I’ve been doing some research on breeds, looking online for local dogs, and calling vets to get ballparks on costs such as vaccinations, spay/neuter (if it’s a puppy and hasn’t already been fixed). So the ball is rolling. I just have to decide whether to keep playing.

And just to tug at your heartstrings a little, here are a few of the potential furballs I found online…a golden pomapoo (pomeranian/poodle mix) who won’t get bigger than 5 or 6 pounds.

Or there’s a Bichon Maltese mix who would also be ready in mid-September for the same price as the pomapoo. He’ll get no bigger than 8 pounds, so still easy to travel with.

And then there is the litter of morkies (yorkie/maltese) that was literally just born and ready around the end of October (right around my birthday – how convenient is that?). No pictures yet. Can you tell I am a fan of the small mixed-breeds?

Survey says???

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