This whole birth control debate has left me steaming. I’ve avoided publicly posting about it because not everyone who reads this blog shares my beliefs. I’ve tried to be respectful of that and acknowledge that the goal of this site is not to spout my own political opinions (save for the occasional note of sarcasm).

But this is getting ridiculous.

I just read an article about Arizona introducing legislation to require women prove their birth control is for “medical reasons” (whatever that means). No proof, no coverage. What the what?

And to make matters worse, the language also makes it easier for employers with conscience-based issues with birth control to FIRE their employees for using contraception against the employer’s moral objection. Since when did Big Brother watch me pop a pill?

The hospital I used to work for would not cover contraception. This means that every month I paid out of pocket to prevent a pregnancy for which I was not ready. And every month I cursed the right of my employer to dictate my personal health practices. No, they weren’t preventing me from accessing birth control (though I wouldn’t put it past them). But they were making it practically and fiscally difficult to exercise my personal rights. Luckily I could afford it. But not everyone can.

Some people might say, “Just go work for a different health system.” My first response to that is: 166 job applications. I took what I could get.

My second response is that religious (especially Catholic) organizations rule health care in this country. Try finding a system that WASN’T originally founded by nuns.

This has got to stop, people.

We have public figures calling women who seek access to basic preventive health care “sluts”. We have presidential candidates┬áthreatening to get rid of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood, people. Raise your hand if you have been a patient there. I have. I’ve also interned for them. It is a fantastic organization.

Not all of us who work for religious organizations share the same beliefs. I respect the values of the organizations that employ me. But they shouldn’t get to affect my behavior and my choices.

So I have one request of my country. And the state of Arizona, for that matter.

Get your sh*t together. This is 2012.

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