Countdown to Freedom

*Updated 5/10/12*

48 days -5 DAYS to graduation (we’re in the single digits, folks!). I am also realizing that the assignments now standing between me and the glorious end are coming to a close:

  1. Group Presentation in Integrative Health
  2. LAST Integrative Health Group Discussion – CANCELLED! Yay!
  3. LAST Integrative Health Reflection
  4. Integrative Health Final Project
  5. Root Cause Analysis Paper
  6. QI Project Abstract
  7. QI Project Paper (“The Big One”)Peer reviews coming soon!
  8. QI Project Presentation
  9. Final Evaluation with Clinical Preceptor

In addition to wrapping up my QI project in the next few weeks, I’ll be attending FIVE conferences in April to finish out my clinical hours. I’ll be doing poster presentations about my project at two of them. Poster presentations were a great success. I am conference-d out. But inspired and excited about the future!

And I’ll be taking took the CNL certification exam on Friday, May 4 (results are pending). The day before graduation. When I cross that stage and get my hood, it will be was ALL OVER!!!!!

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