Here We Go Again

So guess what? S and I are thinking of moving.


If you know me, you know I hate moving. With the fire of 10,000 suns. And for someone who hates moving, I’ve done waaaaaay too much of it already.

This cockamamie idea was planted when we realized our lease expires at the end of March. For now we’re going month-to-month, but the change in terms prompted us to sit down and look at our finances. Like, really look.

What we realized is that we are paying too much rent for too little house. It’s a cute little house and we’ve really made it home. But the owner described it as “quirky” when we first moved in. Given what we’re paying, it’s probably a little too quirky. Plus the neighborhood in which we live is also the neighborhood where I do about 50% of my client home visits. Most of my clients are homebound anyway and I have yet to run into them on the street, but it’s just a little too much mixing of work and play. Not to mention I do work with Adult Protective Services from time to time. The thought of being followed home by an angry relative just doesn’t sit well with me.

We also live in a city that is recovering from the recession more slowly than others. S’s job is technically temporary, meaning he could get kindly asked not to return to work any day. And my job doesn’t pay me enough to keep us afloat with our current expenses. Not to mention my student loan payments will begin late this year. The thought gives me PVCs.

So there you have it. Did I mention I hate moving?

We’re paid up on our rent until May 1. Graduation is May 5. Ain’t no way this is happening before graduation. (I’m a little weird, but I’m not crazy.) So chances are this will happen in mid-May or June. We are starting to keep an eagle eye on Craigslist and property manager listings. We’re reclaiming boxes that we gave to friends who moved this year. We’re culling clothes and books and various other belongings that have not emerged from our garage full of boxes over the past year. We’re researching moving companies. We’re saving money in anticipation of security deposits and application fees.

We are also figuring out a new budget and debating the merits of a crappier house close-in or a better house with a longer commute. We’re trying to figure out if we want to save money on a smaller, more temporary arrangement or look for somewhere we’d be happy to really¬†settle into (meaning STAY PUT – guess which option I’m voting for?). We’ve tried multiple arrangements in the past, and all have their benefits and drawbacks.

So stay tuned…

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