So that mandatory training I supposedly never did turned out to be a lovely computer glitch. Apparently hundreds, if not thousands, of employees were accidentally de-accessed in one fell swoop, and adding them back in had to be addressed one-by-one as we each became aware of the problem. It was quite the cluster.

A few days after my preceptor put in a work order, my access was officially restored and I was able to complete my data analysis, behind schedule and under the gun, but I survived. I finished up my poster presentation yesterday and ordered that. I’ll be presenting my poster this coming Saturday and next Monday. And attending my last smattering of conferences over the next 8 days. I’m conferenced out…

But in less than three weeks, that diploma will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Coming soon: My experience in nursing politics. It was quite inspiring, believe it or not!

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