So the big move is coming tomorrow.

S and I have moved almost every year since we met. My total moves now number in the double digits.

When we first realized this spring that we needed to relocate, I perseverated on my lack of a home base and begged S to help us find a place that would have some sense of permanence (we even contemplated buying). Then again, we thought this last place would be more enduring than it was. That’s a whole different story.

Instead we’re doing something a little bit lot different. Just call me an adventure seeker (ha).

A friend of ours is a realtor and clued us into a house going through bankruptcy proceedings due to owner conflicts/divorce. It’s been on the market for years and the bankruptcy trust likes to have the place occupied to keep an eye on the property/keep out squatters/prevent general disrepair. The current “caretakers” moved out and our realtor-friend asked us if we would like to move in. Rent-free.

Um, yes please.

The house is ginormous – almost twice the size of my childhood home (which comfortably housed five people). It’s on 40 acres atop rolling hills in a rural area outside of town. We are within walking distance of five vineyards.

Talk about wide open spaces.

Double yes please.

This will be my first summer free of classes/homework/papers in over six years. I’ll have three day weekends every week (I work Monday-Thursday). We have packed a box of books for our “summer reading list”. We have started shopping for patio furniture. We are freeing ourselves of technology by getting neither cable nor internet. S is planning his summer garden. The dogs will be in seventh heaven. We’ll be able to squirrel away hundreds of dollars a month.

Our commute will extend considerably but we’ll carpool into town. We’ll both hit the gym after work (I’d rather sweat than sit in traffic – excellent motivation!). We’ll carpool home. We’ll cook dinner together and drink wine and eat outside. We’ll have a clear view of the stars every night. I’ll devote my Fridays to Feldenkrais and writing. We’ll hit the farmer’s markets on Saturdays and do yoga together on Sundays. We’ll finally get to be newlyweds, after seven months of marriage.

Chances are the house will either sell or foreclose by the fall.

Either way I’ll get my summer vacation.

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