Readers Anonymous

Okay, so kicking off a book club in the midst of my final semester was a bit ambitious. But I am ready and willing to get going on this!

First I need to gauge your interest.

If we started a virtual book club, would you be interested in participating in some way? I am putting together a forum for ongoing discussion, but it would also be just as easy to simply post discussion questions and let you offer your thoughts at your convenience via the comments (or even a guest post reviewing the current book).

I would also love to start a running list of books related to nursing, health, health care, etc. that you have enjoyed and would like to recommend to others.

So you have several options. Feel free to take part as actively as you would like:

  1. Participate in the forum (instructions coming soon) through ongoing discussions as you read the selected book.
  2. Use the discussion questions that I post to leave a comment or just give you food for thought on your own time.
  3. Write a guest post reviewing the selected book (I would love this!)
  4. Send me suggestions for an ongoing reading list. I think I’ll call it Bookworm, RN. 😉

Let me know how or if you would like to participate!

And in case you missed it, our first book for conversation will be My Name Is Mary Sutter. I’ll post the questions on June 1 and we’ll give it a month, and see how it goes.

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