Scrubs Review and GIVEAWAY!

I remember shopping for my first pair of scrubs after nursing school and feeling an enormous amount of liberation to choose whatever I wanted. And believe you me, I stayed far away from my nursing school uniform colors.

I have encountered some interesting conversations and debates about the role of scrubs, even articles and surveys about how dress connotes professionalism. Nonetheless, most hospitals and clinics allow their nursing staff free reign to choose styles and colors, inviting scrubs retailers to create a fashion industry unto itself. 🙂

I was recently contacted by ScrubShopper, a retailer of Cherokee scrubs, to try out and review a pair of their scrubs. And – lucky you – they are also giving away a free pair of scrubs to a lucky reader! More on that in a bit…

ScrubShopper sent me a pair from their Flex-i-bles line. I tried out a Flex-i-bles V-neck tunic, as well as their flare leg elastic pants.

Here are my impressions:


  • LOVED the elastic waist pants. It may have something to do with the poundage I gained in nursing school, but I was so comfortable! The best part was that even though they were elastic waist, they still looked very tailored and professional. No sweat pant resemblance here. 
  • The elastic waist band also made the pants easy to squat, move, run, and jump in (believe me, I tried it all). Some of the low-rise scrub pants I’ve seen around make me nervous. Nothing like squatting down to empty a Foley bag and giving your patient a show. I knew these pants would stay put.
  • There were more pockets than I expected from the pictures online. This was a pleasant surprise, because one of my worries about straying from the cargo pants was that I would lose valuable pocket space (and nurses know how valuable pocket space is). The tunic had hidden pockets on the side, and the pant pockets were nice and deep.
  • Solid colors. I loved the look, especially with the black color blocking on the sides of the top. It was very sharp and potentially very flattering.


  • Despite the potential of a flattering top, the reality did not live up. Sigh. Because the sides were stretchy, it meant that every curve/muffin top/love handle you have is likely to pooch out. How very UNflattering. I’d recommend sizing up if you do go for one of these tops. 
  • The deep front pockets on the tunic were appreciated, but I do wonder how they would look crammed full of our scissors, pens, brains, alcohol wipes, and penlights. It would probably add to the pooch factor. And if you are used to stuffing your stethoscope in a front pocket, the cut of these tops won’t do you any favors. 
  • Not really a con, but I would be careful the first time you wash. Probably common sense, but these babies ARE bright and colorful and I would hate to have them bleed onto your favorite t-shirt.
The take-away? I would buy the pants in every color if I could/needed to. They were comfortable, flattering, and true-to-size. Plus at $17 a pair, you can’t really go wrong. On the other hand, I could do without the tunic. The stretchy sides just advertised too much about my body shape underneath. Not something I really want to share far and wide, especially when I’m working. Give me an empire waist scrub top with front pockets and I’m a happy camper.
Now it’s your turn! If you would like your own free pair of Cherokee scrubs, answer the following question:
Does your workplace require a uniform for its nurses? If so, do you agree with this policy (and why)? If not, do you think a uniform policy should be instituted (and why or why not)?
Leave a comment below with your thoughts by Friday, May 25th at 0800 PST. The winner will be randomly selected and contacted with instructions about how to claim your scrubs.

Note: I was not financially compensated by ScrubShopper for this review. I did receive a pair of scrubs at no cost to me, but the opinions on this post are solely my own.

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