Going Global: Moving to the UK as a Nurse

Earlier this week we explored the process of becoming a nurse in the United Kingdom. Now let’s talk about a different step…moving to the UK as a licensed nurse from your home country!

Considering the steps required to relocate from state-to-state, I can imagine this might be a complex process. But Sarah Gill of Nurse Jobs UK breaks it down for us once again…

If you’re thinking about how to become a nurse in the UK, whether you need to train from scratch or register your nursing skills we’ll look at how you can make that happen. Guest post by Sarah Gill, Nurses.co.uk.

Before we talked about the nursing education you undergo in the UK. If you’re already a practicing nurse and you want to move to the UK and continue your practice, the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) is your first stop. The NMC regulate all nurses and midwives working in the UK and set the professional standards required for registration. The register for nurses is divided into each of the four branches of nursing previously mentioned in this article, and if you have the skills and qualifications you can apply for more than one part of the register at once.

Applying for registration can be done from anywhere in the world, there’s no need to visit the UK in order to submit an application to the NMC. However, registration doesn’t automatically give you the authority to live and work in the UK, you will need to satisfy the immigration conditions in order to be eligible for a working visa.

There is a whole booklet of guidelines that the NMC have produced offering guidance for anyone wishing to register with them. There are different conditions for each part of the register, and you can find the full document here. The outline requirements are :

  •  To have completed a three year nursing course of which at least half (or 2,300 hours) must have been in a clinical or practical training environment and at least one third (or 1,533 hours) must be theoretical training.
  • Your main language must be English and you will be required to complete an IELTS language test. You must achieve an overall score of seven out of a possible nine in order for your application to proceed.
  •  You must have been practising in a nursing role, in the specialism of nursing you wish to join the register under, for at least 12 months post qualification.
  • If you have been qualified for longer than 12 months you must have completed 450 hours in a nursing role in the three years prior to your application.

The nursing job market in the UK is obviously being affected by the global economy, but we’ve recently started to see the beginnings of a recovering in the number of jobs available, especially in the private sector. Your NMC registration allows you to work as a nurse in any type of organisation in the UK, so the choice is yours once you have that PIN number.

To read more about working as a nurse in the UK and to take a look at some of the vacancies currently available, check out Nurses.co.uk.

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