Caregiver Mode

I’m sitting in my grandmother’s hospital room listening to her sleep. Grandma and I had a little slumber party last night so we could give my mom a night off (she flew home from Thailand last week on a 45-hour trip and immediately hopped into caregiver mode. She needed a good night’s sleep).

Grandma’s surgery went well and recovery is tough, as expected. The nursing staff has been fantastic, particularly the CNAs. What would we do without CNAs in our hospitals??? It’s been fun to work with them as a granddaughter and as a fellow nurse. I’ve tried to walk a fine line between letting them do what they’re paid to do, and stepping in when I can to help. I’ve realized that on one level, I miss the fast-paced nature of acute care and on another level, I completely don’t. 😉

And boy is it different being a family member! I’ve been here before, but I’d forgotten how intense it is. Whole new levels of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion (which is probably why this post makes absolutely no sense).

So that’s my report from the home front. I’ll keep checking in when I can!

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