Bated Breath

Recently I tweeted this:

Exciting things are starting to happen...
Nurse Teeny

And last week I posted about my hubby’s plans to go back to school. Which would possibly necessitate a move. Like a real move (not just hopping around the same town like a ping pong ball as we’ve done for the past few years).

When we first started researching programs for both of us, we agreed that we would look for locations that offered both NP and PA options, in the hopes that we could stay in one place for a few years. This agreement narrowed the field considerably. So then we started talking timelines. For PA school, S has to complete anywhere between 1000 and 3000 hours of direct patient care (meaning that he first has to train in a field that allows him to provide direct care…tech, CNA, EMT – he’s looking at them all). Not to mention the goo-gobs of prerequisites he needs – his undergrad science classes for non-science majors (all of which he aced) … from 10+ years ago … aren’t gonna cut it.

Considering these factors we thought it might behoove us to relocate now, establish residency in an area with potential for both of us to continue our education (while he took classes as a tech/CNA/EMT), and then ramp up the prereqs once we could pay in-state tuition rates. We figured if I started a DNP program next fall, I’d be almost done by the time he completed his prereqs and was ready to be a full-time PA student. Then I’d be making an NP’s salary and we could better afford for him to go off the employment grid. We’re proactive like that.

So we’ve selected our top-choice schools (which luckily happen to be the same!) and on a lark have just started applying to jobs in that area of the country. Just to see. Given my past nursing job searches, I wasn’t expecting much.

Well, folks, I hesitate to jinx myself, but exciting things are indeed happening in Nurse Teeny land. Lo and behold, I just heard back from two hospitals. Both of whom understand that most of my experience is in community health. And both of whom want to interview me anyway. For inpatient oncology positions. I seriously thought I was being punk’d when I got the first call.

So now I’m scrambling to figure out a cross-country interview/house hunting trip within the next month, and starting to think about the logistics of a cross-country move, possibly by September. And processing the very real possibility that I may be returning to acute care nursing. In a land far, far away.

Holy sh*t.

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