Book Club Changes

I’ve been marinating for a while about how (and whether) to maintain the book club. I know it’s hard to do anything in “real time” via a blog format, but I do love to read and I love getting suggestions from the blog world (my current book wish list is 90% inspired by recommendations gathered on the Internet). Plus I want to invite and encourage conversation. Even if it’s not for everyone, I figure it can’t do any harm to keep the idea going.

However, maintaining some parts of the book club was getting to be a bit cumbersome, especially for the areas that received little to no activity. So I am making a few minor alterations:

  • The book club forum is gone. No one was using it anyway. It’s just too hard to maintain this venue on a blog, especially when it had such infrequent use.
  • I’ll still post health care/nursing-related book suggestions once a month (see here for July’s). The book will be posted early in the month, followed by discussion questions 3-4 weeks later. Feel free to read the book on your own time and come back to respond to the discussion questions in the comments. Or feel free to just read the book and not participate at all. Or take the book to your own in-person book club. Whatever works for you works for me.
  • If you want to write a review about the month’s featured book, just let me know. There is no deadline for submitting a review. Just read the book and if you are so inspired to write a review, send it my way.
  • If you’ve read a different book about health care/nursing/medicine/self-care that you want to review and share with readers, just let me know. Reviews are welcome and not limited to the books I’ve selected (how boring would that be?!).
  • I’ll be keeping an ongoing list of books I have read and recommend on my Bookworms page. So far I’ve got the following categories:

Please feel free to send suggestions for additional content. If you have a blog, Twitter account or Facebook page, I am happy to link back to you when you make a book recommendation or write a review.

So a few tweaks, but the book club is alive and well. If you’re not a big reader or this isn’t your favorite content area, no need to participate. But I encourage you all to read and join the conversation! 🙂

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