Up in the Ayer

I’m hanging out at the airport, awaiting dreading my red-eye flight. But on the other end of my journey are friends!! Lots of friends whom I haven’t seen in YEARS! Friends who offered to host my broke ass, friends with whom I’ve been trading emails about happy hours and coffee dates and lunches and belated birthday dinners (theirs, not mine). I am thrilled beyond belief to see them.

I am also thrilled because this adventure will be an important step in the direction of … well, new directions. I’m interviewing for two jobs while I’m there. I’m house hunting in the name of optimism. If I get an offer out of this, it means that S and I get to move to the location of our first choice PA and NP programs. It means forward movement.

So keep your fingers crossed for us. Things are about to get real, y’all!

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