Location, Location, Location

Oh my. The interview experiences I have had over the past 12 hours have been anything BUT unpleasant. As opposed to managers who refuse to lay eyes on you and interviews that make you cringe, I felt the love today.

I suppose in hindsight, I have more experience and more to offer. And perhaps I’m less bitter about this whole process than I was the last two times. But I also think that there is a huge difference in the nursing job market between where I’ve been living and where we’re hoping to move. It’s like night and day. Rather than be treated as if I should be thankful they would even deign to interview me, managers today were ooh-ing and aah-ing over my CNL portfolio, setting me up to shadow on the floor and basically telling me I was hired without officially telling me.

I’ve never felt so loved as a job candidate.

I head back to Interview Site #1 tonight to meet the night shift crew. And then they all start checking references.

Now let’s just hope those unofficial offers become official, so I can weigh my options.

Oh my my

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