Halfway Through Psych

We had our mid-rotation evaluations on Friday. We had to evaluate ourselves in several areas of nursing and then turn in our forms to have our clinical instructor add comments. I think she likes me.

And I think I really like psych. So NOT what I ever expected to say. It is definitely related to the teaching environment the head nurse has created for us – she is making sure we get to participate in multidisciplinary teams, family meetings, group therapy, admits, and 1:1 sessions with the clients. She is sitting us down and explaining concepts, giving us advice on therapeutic communication, and using every moment as a teaching moment. She is forcing us to use “old school” BP cuffs even though there is an automated machine on the unit, because she says it’s no good using a calculator if you can’t sit down and figure it out with pencil and paper. In other words, if we can’t take a blood pressure without the aid of a machine, we’re up a creek. Next week we have to do a full assessment of a client, from start to finish. The final two weeks, we are responsible for leading our own group!

It’s challenging and frustrating and oh so wonderful! I am really digging this rotation.

But despite my enjoyment, I am resisting the possibility of psych nursing. There are a lot of reasons behind it but it all boils down to self-awareness. I know what it would cost me, mentally and emotionally because I know what it already is costing me. So although it makes me sad in a way, I can cross one specialty off the list of possibilities.

Three weeks left, then a weeklong Fall Break. Hallelujah!!! Med-Surg clinical starts as soon as we get back. My classmates currently in that rotation are getting schooled. Oh joy.

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