The Lowdown

Last Wednesday I was offered the oncology position. I accepted the next day after conferring with family and “sleeping on it”. I had known that if it was offered, it would be hard to turn down. And I accepted without reservation.

Excitement or no, this is going to be a tough transition. We are literally moving across the country. Far, far away from family (but luckily in the direction of some amazing friends). Away from my mom who just returned home from the Peace Corps, from my grandma who just had major surgery.

We are taking a leap of faith that S will get into PA school out there (not that it’s a huge leap – I am confident that he will thrive … he already is). We are also crossing our fingers that my migraine nightmares from two years ago had more to do with the job I was doing than with working night shift.

Big move or not, it is still the right move. And so we take another step forward.

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