Vroom Vroom!

Over the weekend S and I made a big decision.

In preparation for our move, we’ve been researching a lot of different options. Full-service moving ($$$$$) versus containers versus renting a U-Haul. The logistics of moving two humans, two cars and two dogs 3,000 miles. Luckily my new employer will reimburse at least partly for relocation expenses. But it’s still going to make quite a dent in our savings.

So we decided to simplify on at least one front. We traded in both of our cars for this beauty…


A 2012 Honda CR-V. I’ve been lusting after CR-Vs for years, and I knew that we were moving to an area of the country with more unpredictable winter weather than our current location. I’m a bit of a spaz when it comes to winter driving and I just didn’t feel safe in my little Civic. Plus S’ 14-year old Ford Explorer would have cost more to ship than it was worth.

We figure we can make it work as a one-car family for a while. Since I’ll be working nights and he’ll be job-hunting at the beginning, we can share nicely. And when/if it gets to be too much, we’ll invest in a cheap second car that will get us through our time there and not much longer. In the meantime we’re leasing the Honda and anticipating that we’ll buy it in a few years.

We’re only a couple days in to new car ownership, but so far we’re pretty in love. It’s going to make our upcoming drive quite a fun little adventure. 🙂

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