In Other News…

This is a big week in the personal life of Nurse Teeny.

Monday my divorce becomes official official, as in signed off, rubber stamped and LEGAL! I get my name back and get to go through oh-so-thrilling process of restoring everything – social security card, driver’s license, credit cards, bank accounts. But I don’t mind because I have been waiting for this day! And luckily the school has already got me listed under my maiden name so I don’t have to go through that rigamorole.

Then Friday marks the one-year anniversary since the death of my dear sweet daddy. I am flying home that night to be with my family for the weekend. Our wonderful friends are hosting a get-together for all the people who loved him and who saw us through the most painful experience we’ve ever had. S picks me up from the airport and takes me straight there.

Speaking of which, S has put up with a lot lately as I stress about school and deal with all of these big changes in my life. And he’s got his own stressors he’s dealing with too. Long-distance love is no picnic, and yet he still sticks around and makes me feel like I’ve got a real partner who will be there for the hard stuff too. That’s something you don’t see every day. What a keeper!

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