Look At Me, Ma!

A victory of sorts for Nurse Teeny and her blog today. I have just been notified that “The Makings of a Nurse” has made its way into a “Top 100” list – “100 Best Blogs for Nursing Students”.

I wasn’t even aware that there were 100 of us, but apparently nursing blogs are quite the find these days. I guess the emotional, mental and physical wear and tear of nursing school gets to all of us, and we’ve unknowingly created an entire universe out there. Community and mutual support are good things, people.

Check out the article at RNCentral.com. There are some awesome resources listed there, and they are sorted thematically so you can quickly locate the type of blog you may be seeking. Some of my own faves made the cut too.

Then scroll down to #63 if ya get the inkling. Apparently my “long and winding path” to nursing school is serving as a resource for others. Which is exactly why I started this e-tome to begin with.

That and to give myself a giggle now and then. 🙂

Thanks, RNCentral! My mommy will be so proud!

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