Mind Your FAQs

I didn’t attend BlogHer ’12, but I am certainly benefiting from the gazillions of reflections/recap posts out there in the blogosphere. (It’s on my bucket list, though – 2013, perhaps?)

Anyhoo, I’ve been experiencing some virtual nesting lately – a desire to tidy up, tighten up and move forward with this site. With my five-year blogging anniversary just around the corner, some of my 2012 blog-related resolutions are currently front and center.

So I participated in Ask a PR Girl‘s “5 Days of PR for Bloggers” (very cool series – I highly recommend checking it out). One of the things I realized was that my “About” page was pretty pitiful and I was completely lacking a “Frequently Asked Questions” section. I’ve revised and revamped the “About Me” content (with more changes to come), but before I work on FAQs, I thought I’d check in with you, dear readers.

What questions do you think I should include in my FAQs? Leave a comment here or contact me. Thanks in advance for your input!

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