Delay of Game

My movers called earlier today. The 18-wheeler bound for our house broke down and is in the shop. A new one is en route. But since the company is based near our final destination, this means it is burning rubber from across the country. Which pushes moving day from Thursday or Friday to Monday or Tuesday. Sad panda.

I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon scrambling…to delay the utilities that were already scheduled to shut off, to notify friends and family of our change in schedule, to give our new landlords a heads up. It’s hard when we still don’t know the exact day of our departure, especially when it comes to changing hotel reservations. I was expecting a call today to give me a narrower window, so it was disconcerting to hear so much uncertainty.

On the other hand, this isn’t all terrible news. The heat that has been plaguing our area of the country is supposed to dissipate a bit by next week. It also gives us extra time to do extra loads of laundry, pack odds and ends that have been taunting me mercilessly, and perhaps even relax a bit over the weekend. We had been starting to panic, and I actually feel myself stressing¬†less than before due to this inconvenience.

After all, there’s very little I can do to fix this problem. So I can either rage against the big bad moving machine, or I can go with the flow. I could do without the rage…

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