Read This: September

And we have internet! Hallelujah!

Discussion questions for August’s book club selection will be going up this week (as well as an awesome review of My Name is Mary Sutter by Jen Vitti).

In the meantime, we can get cracking on our book for September: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (click here for feedback on Goodreads):

We’re switching it up a little this month. Rather than read about a nurse, we’re reading about a patient – a very important patient who is significant for a number of reasons. I’m excited to share the experience of reading this book with y’all – it’s been on my list for months and I finally picked up a copy a few weeks ago. So excited!

If you’re interested in hearing more about Henrietta Lacks, check out the press page of the book’s author, Rebecca Skloot. You can also download a reading guide to your Kindle or Kindle app here (Amazon Prime members can rent it on their Kindles for free).

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