5 full days of skills classes, lectures and computer modules later, I AM BEAT! (Still have Monday to go, and then I start orienting to my unit Wednesday night!)

My first impressions of my new workplace are pretty positive:

  • Everyone seems really, truly, genuinely happy to work here. (I know, what a concept!)
  • The nurse educators crack me up. They are great teachers too – after our written EKG test, they sat down with each of us and had us talk through the strips that we missed. Rather than making us feel like doofuses, they helped us see where we needed to improve. I really appreciated that. And despite two years of being away from acute care, I PASSED my test! I’ll take the confidence boosts wherever I can get them. 😉
  • Nursing administration here really seems to believe and invest in bedside nursing. Not only is it a Magnet-designated hospital, with a Clinical Ladder to take advantage of, but there are pretty impressive professional practice and shared governance models. We’ll see if they walk the walk, but the talk is pretty impressive.

As much as my head is spinning from all the sitting and listening, I am glad they do it this way. I’m learning about policies, resources, nursing protocols, EMRs, and equipment NOW rather than flying by the seat of my pants when I reach the floor. Speaking of which, I’ll be orienting with the same preceptor the whole time … another novel idea! They’re projecting I’ll be on my own by mid-October, but have repeatedly reassured me that each orientation period/orientee is different and that it can be extended if I want/need it. I guess we’ll see…

The IV/PICC nurse did make some interesting comments about my unit. It sounds like the patients there are pretty sick (it’s both Medical and Oncology, so there’s a pretty big mix of diagnoses). But then again, what was I expecting? I’ll be busy but I think I will learn a lot.

More adventures to share soon! 🙂

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