Noc on Wood

My return to night shift starts tomorrow night. Considering my last debacle, I am justifiably nervous. I’m also a little bit terrified that nights really were to blame for my migraines and I am writing my own ticket to Disaster-Land.

So I’m doing my best to stay up as late as I can tonight. I slept away the afternoon and will sleep most of tomorrow. I need to make sure I can function at the witching hour.┬áMy orientation modules are making good company so far, but it’s only 1 AM. We’ll see how this goes!

I had an option to choose Days when I was initially offered the job. I took a gamble for two reasons:

  1. It’s been two years since I stepped foot on a hospital unit (as anything other than a family member). Days are BUSY. I figured the adjustment process to acute care would be slightly easier removed from chaos.
  2. You can’t beat the night-shift differential, especially when money is tight. Not to mention weekends have a differential of their own. While S hunts for a job here, we need all the extra dough we can get!

I’ll get 6 months under my belt and I’ll reevaluate. The manager of my unit is super-supportive and I don’t think it would be a problem to change if this really became a problem. And I’ll probably want to work days once school starts again…it was the switching back-and-forth that really did me in.

For now, I’m crossing my fingers and saying a little prayer!

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