To say that my reading habits have suffered of late would be quite the understatement.

Blame the return of TV and Internet to my daily life. Blame the new job and my wacky night shift sleep schedule. Whatever the cause, I’m just not flying through the reading materials like I did over the summer.

But I still love them books. So the book club continues, just with a minor change. Instead of featuring a nursing- or health care-related book on a monthly basis, we’ll be moving to bimonthly selections. This will hopefully give you (and me) more time to finish and offer your/our thoughts, should you choose to participate in the discussion posts. I’ll also be posting selections 6-8 months out in order to give you a head start.

The book club is open to all. And please note that I welcome reviews about books of all genres/topics/subject areas. The best part about book clubs is the sharing.

So let’s share. 🙂

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