Getting My Bearings

So sorry for the paltry blog content lately. The adjustment to night shift has been interesting (and yet, migraine-free so far. Yay for that!). It’s just a process to switch back and forth between nighttime work life and daytime life life. I am DEFINITELY glad I chose the nights position. Days are so chaotic, from what I can tell. Plus the differential doesn’t hurt. 😉

I am taking five patients a night (usually starting with four and then handling an admission at some point). Our max is six. I am three shifts away from being “on my own”. I don’t feel like I’ll really be on my own, though. I can’t tell you how many times a night I am asked by my teammates “You doing okay? Anything you need?” … so reassuring. Plus my preceptor will go back to her charge nurse role after I finish orienting, so I know I’ll have an amazing resource available. I swear she’s my favorite nurse ever. I’ve dubbed her the Patient Whisperer, and for good reason. She has the most gentle, calming presence that makes her an amazing nurse, an amazing preceptor/charge, and a great person.

I’ll have more interesting posts soon, I promise! Thank you for bearing with me during this transition!

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