New To These Parts

Well, sort of. I did live in NC for many years back in my early- to mid-20s. So while I’m not quite a local yokel, it is nice to be already acquainted with our new digs.

However, one of the biggest challenges of relocation is finding new providers. From doctors to hair stylists, it is not easy to start over. I’ve been utilizing Google and perusing Yelp (a surprisingly helpful source of health care reviews), setting up appointments and crossing my fingers that I like the new folks. (Luckily, my midwife from the last time I lived here is still practicing at a local clinic that takes my insurance! So hooray for somethingĀ familiar.)

I’m also trying to keep location in mind. I’m willing to drive some distance for a really good provider that I won’t have to see more than once or twice a year. But we’re moving to a (hopefully) more permanent housing situation in January, and I’d like at least my PCP to be located close by (not to mention businesses I will frequent).

Here’s what I’ve got lined up so far (medically speaking):

  • Primary Care Provider – found via insurance/practice websites and Healthgrades.com
  • Dentist – found via Yelp
  • Neurologist (for migraine management) – found via NC Headache Society
  • Midwife – patient of hers last time I lived in the area

I still have yet to find an endocrinologist. I had a really frustrating relationship with my previous doc at Duke, so I know I won’t be going back to her. The most intriguing one I’ve identified isn’t taking new patients. I have such a hard time with endocrinologists because they tend to be very “by the book” when it comes to labs and thyroid management. I’ve had doctors completely ignore my obviously hypothyroid symptoms because my TSH was “fine”. I had much better luck switching to a naturopath, but my new insurance doesn’t cover integrative medicine.

How do you find new providers when you move? Have you ever traveled long distances to stay with someone you really liked? Or have you gone outside your insurance network for the same reason?

(And if you’re an NC neighbor and see an endocrinologist you like, please point me in their direction. šŸ˜‰ )

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