Read This: November/December

I have been eagerly waiting to read this book for MONTHS! And – gasp – it’s about a doctor! 😉


This Won’t Hurt A Bit is a medical coming-of-age story written by hilarious blogger and anesthesiologist Michelle Au. If you haven’t caught her blog, you need to head over there…now. I’ll wait. (While you’re there, check out her amazing Scut Monkey comics.)

We’ve read about the experience of becoming a nurse. I thought it might be interesting to read about how someone made the decision to enter the medical field and navigated that process. I knew that Michelle Au would be honest and thought-provoking. I knew she would be real about the experience of building a family in the midst of developing as a professional. And I knew she’d make us laugh.

Yes, this blog is about nurses. But part of being a nurse is working together with many different professions and disciplines to take care of patients. And obviously physicians are professionals with whom we work very closely. We can’t do our jobs without them (and they can’t do their jobs without us). It’s time we talked to one another and shared our stories together. We’re all part of a much bigger narrative, after all.

Psst…discussion questions for The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks are coming Monday!

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