Nurse Teeny = Slacker

Actually, for the most part I have been anything but a slacker.  But when it comes to this blog, a series of events have conspired to prevent Nurse Teeny from posting…

I did wrap up my psych clinical a couple weeks ago and was extremely sad to leave. Of course, with the chaos of the unit, our departure was rather anticlimactic.  Not that I expected trumpets and tears.  🙂  But as I was charting for the last time, the unit supervisor did say, “When you graduate and decide to become a psych nurse, give me a call.”  That was kinda neat.  And we did bring goodies for the staff, which they seemed to appreciate.  I absolutely LOVED my rotation overall but the problem with psych nursing is that you lose a lot of the other clinical skills, and it’s hard to change specialties should you ever decide to.  So instead, I’ll put the therapeutic techniques I learned to work in another area of nursing.  It actually turned out to be the perfect first rotation, because the communication and listening skills I have honed will be useful wherever I go in nursing.

The craziest part of my last day was the final evaluation I had to do with my clinical instructor.  She recently lost her mother very quickly to lung cancer, and right after her mom was diagnosed we spent a lot of time talking about my own experience with my dad.  During my evaluation last Friday, she talked about her mom’s hospice nurses and told me (without knowing anything about my actual goals) that given what she observed of me in practice and what she knew about my past experience, she thinks the perfect job for me would be pediatric hospice.

Whoa.  Spooky.

So after having my vocation confirmed once again by someone who didn’t know my plans (that has happened a lot since I started thinking about nursing), I joined my classmates for a fun night out to celebrate the end of clinical rotation 1.  Then I woke up at 4:30 the next morning and caught a flight home for a weeklong Fall Break.  Ah, the bliss.

Hah! Fall Break is an oxymoron apparently.  I literally studied for 7 days – wrote papers, played catch-up, studied for the dreaded Pharm exam that was this afternoon.  But I did take time off to have lunch with old friends, bond with my mamasita and her pup, and of course, spend lots of quality moments with S.  Those were the blissful parts and they were well worth it! I would have posted earlier and would have remembered more stories had I had Internet access at home, but the gods of technology seem to have cursed my mother’s house (again).

So now I’m back.  Classes resumed today.  My Med-Surg clinical orientation is Wednesday morning, and they throw us into the deep end Thursday morning.  Good-bye Tuesday afternoons with no class and Wednesday evenings to chill with fellow psych nursing buddies.  Hello Tuesday labs and exams, and Wednesday night chart reviews.  Goodbye professional dress, hello purple scrubs.

I’m excited to be doing more hands-on nursing stuff.  But boy will I miss those pukey adolescents!

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