I’ve been out of school for just about six months (which means the dreaded student loans are coming due…crap). Frankly I’m a little surprised about how much I don’t miss it. As an education addict, I figured I’d be jonesing for a little APA action or textbook highlighting right about now.

Allow me to pause here and allow you to yell “NERD ALERT” at your computer screen. You know you want to. It’s okay, I accepted my lot in life years ago.

I guess there’s so much to learn at my job that I don’t feel a dearth of educational opportunities. There’s plenty to tax my brain still. And I’m so tired otherwise that the idea of not having to study after a 12-hour shift is quite welcome.

And yet… I’m still making plans to head back to the ivory tower next fall. Hopefully for the last time. Maybe.*

This week I met with a faculty member at the school I’m hoping to attend. Because I already have a Master’s degree in nursing, I can combine my coursework for the nurse practitioner training with my DNP classes and be done with everything in about 2.5 years. That means that in Spring 2016 I will be an Oncology NP with my doctorate. Wow.

It will be a hard-fought and exhausting experience. But I am thrilled that this opportunity is available to me. And who am I kidding, as much as I don’t miss it now, I’m giddy about the idea of being a student again!

*I’ll be practically exhausting my degree-seeking opportunities with this next step. Notice I said “practically”? There’s always a PhD… 😉

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