On Your Feet

Oh Med-Surg, how do I love thee?

Thursday and Friday marked Week 1 of my first Med-Surg rotation. I’m on a neuroscience floor at the same medical center where I did psych – all of the patients have either medical neuro diagnoses (stroke, seizure, etc.) or are postop from neurosurgery. The nurse I am assigned to work with throughout my rotation is FANTASTIC! She is about my age but has been a nurse for 6 years – she is intelligent, patient and absolutely loves teaching. And she has this calming presence about her. After day 1, I turned to one of my classmates and said, “I think we can actually do this stuff!”

I must say, though, that compression hose are my best friends. Being on your feet for 8 hours straight is no joke. Running from room to room, answering call lights, conferencing with other staff in the hallway… Ouch! I’ve decided to also invest in one of those foot spa things – I had one when I directed weddings and it saved my poor tootsies.

My first patient was a woman in her late 40s, postop day 3 from lumbar surgery. She was totally open to being my guinea pig and her friendliness made my first hands-on care experience absolutely fabulous. It was a great way to get my feet wet. And I got to practice some skills – removed an IV, changed a dressing, and helped her shower. Pretty basic stuff in the grand scheme of things but I was pretty thrilled to put on those gloves and get to work. My nurse (“K”) also let me take the lead in post-discharge teaching, and filled in the blanks. We were a team. Our patient was discharged right as my shift on Friday ended, so we got to take her out to her car and see her off. She and her husband even gave us both hugs.

And the icing on the cake? As they drove away, her husband yells out, “Go Obama!!!” I knew I liked them. 🙂

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