Scrooge, RN

Sorry for the silence lately, friends. I am experiencing a bit of exhaustion-induced writer’s block and it ain’t pretty…

A unexpected and unfortunate side effect of my new job is a complete and utter lack of holiday excitement. S and I are moving (again) to a hopefully more permanent place the first week of January, so we aren’t even bothering with the Christmas decorations and 2/3 of our stuff is packed already. This apartment has felt so transient that it just hasn’t felt like home anyway. So I’m missing the tree trimming, candles, 24/7 holiday music and baking extravaganzas this year and it just doesn’t feel the same. With my family 3,000 miles away, the traditions that made Christmas Christmas are missing too. Since S and I are moving so soon, we are limiting our gifts to “stockings” (aka stuffed gift bags since our stockings are packed). Not to mention I am working Christmas Eve and Christmas, so I won’t be home anyway to celebrate.

I know I am wallowing but it’s just going to be a bummer Christmas. Bah humbug? 😉

On the other hand, our real gift to each other is this cute little house. Moving in the first week of 2013 makes me feel like we’re getting a fresh start in a place that we can really make a home. We are doing a rent-to-own agreement with the landlords so if all goes well, it will really be ours by the end of next year! It’s the perfect size for the two of us and has a fenced backyard for the dogs. As apathetic as I’ve been about settling in at our current address, I am like a kid at Christmas about the idea of having a home. Photo tour to come when all of the boxes are recycled and everything is in its place!

I know I have much to be thankful for this year. The gifts are just are on their own schedule…

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