You Gotta Stick It

Med-Surg lab is all about learning new skills and then “passing” so that you can practice those skills safely in clinical.  Today it was injectables (intramuscular and subcutaneous).  And we got to finish up the afternoon by practicing on each other with injections of normal saline!  My first thought was “No way in hell!”  But then again, I’d rather my first injection be practiced on a friend/classmate with a non-lethal substance, than on an unsuspecting patient with a vial full of Heparin.  So I sucked it up and it was actually quite easy once I got over the fear of jabbing my poor partner.  As our instructor said, “Just commit to it!”

We also had our test on oral/topical meds, which we learned last week.  I passed!! 🙂 This means I can start giving meds in clinical this week.  The hospital has this nifty computerized system that I can’t wait to start using.

Every skill we learn and “master” (cough, cough) makes me feel a little bit closer to nurse-hood.  And increases my confidence that I might actually in fact be cut out for this work.

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