Transient No Longer

A couple weeks ago I posted this photo on Facebook:

Our version of a Christmas tree this year. ;-)

Our version of a Christmas tree this year. 😉

We’ve been subletting an apartment for the past few months, and the lease is up next week. Lucky for us, we found a more permanent home almost as soon as we moved here. At first the conversation was about a long-term rental situation, but we quickly discovered that the owners were eager to sell and willing to consider a rent-to-own agreement.

We negotiated a sales price, worked out our terms and signed on the dotted line last week. We have a year to exercise our option to buy at the agreed-upon price, and we fully intend to do so. We’ll probably be here for a few years and we are eager to feel settled. I am eager to put pictures on the walls, and host friends and family, and plant a garden (well, that’s more Steve’s department, but I’m eager to help).

It’s a tiny little house but it is the perfect size for us. Complete with a white picket fence, wood burning fireplace and big backyard.

We go home on Wednesday. Can’t wait to share it with y’all!

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