Review: CharMED

My 2012 holiday gift guide featured a little bit of bling created by the San Diego-based company, CharMED. Designed by a physician who wanted to add a little pizazz and style to our everyday professional wear, these stethoscope charms come in a variety of colors and designs. They sent me a color of my choice (I went with “Ice”) to see in person. My darling husband ended up ordering a second one with my first initial for my stocking. So now my stethoscope looks like this:


Cute, huh? I love how they looked stacked – I tried attaching one at either end and it didn’t have the same effect. I also loved that each charm came with an optional foam insert, allowing it to fit more snugly and be less likely to slide around or fall off. I fully intend to add to my own collection and brighten things up further. 😉

I took my charms for a test run at work over the weekend. To be completely honest, no one really noticed my new bling. Maybe stethoscopes have just blended into our uniforms that we don’t even look at them anymore? However, once I started showing it off and telling my co-workers about the charms, I got very positive feedback. Several even said they wanted to get some of their own.

And I have good news for friends of Nurse Teeny! From now until the end of January 2013, use promo code “Teeny” when checking out from their online store and enjoy a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” deal! They’re a great way to perk up and personalize an ever present tool of the trade.

*Note: All product reviews are my opinion and mine alone. I was not paid or perked for this review, except for receiving this product for my personal use, so that I could offer honest and informed feedback.

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