Settling In

There are half-empty boxes scattered all over the place (contributing to a few bruised shins and stubbed toes). The walls are still blank. The bookshelves are empty.

But we are home.

We have already fallen in love with this little house, which is warm and cozy and just right. The past three nights I slept better than I have in months. (Could be related to the exhaustion of moving, but I think feeling more settled has relaxed me).

Given our track record of the past few years, I guess I shouldn’t get too comfortable. But boy do I want to. So we are taking a leap of faith. We are hanging the pictures. We are throwing away the boxes, rather than storing them in an empty closet. We are making ourselves at home. We are crossing fingers and saying out loud, for all the world to hear: we are staying put, dammit!

We are home.

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