Bookworms Evolve

My apologies for the delay in posting about This Won’t Hurt a BitNot only have I been a bit busy, but I’ve been mentally regrouping and rethinking the book club for a couple of months.

Past efforts to encourage virtual book discussion on this blog have been pretty unsuccessful. Not that I blame anyone. We’re all busy. Maybe you  put one of the books on your “To-Read” list. Maybe you’ve thought “Meh. Not interested.” all along. Whatever the case may be, it’s still been a fun process for me. So despite the limited conversation, it’s still been worthwhile. And I’ve been reading more, which is a bonus!

I’ve maintained that I wanted this to be a no-pressure experience. No worries about finishing a book within a certain time frame or doing extra work to participate. (Which is why I took down the discussion boards that were originally set up.) I just wanted a place where we could use literature and good writing to talk about what we do and what that means to us.

So with that in mind, this little experiment is continuing to evolve

1) A selection will still be posted every other month, so that those who want to read along with me can do so. I’ll post discussion questions along the way or when I finish (depending on how many questions there are). That way you can post your own comments on your own time, or use the questions in another venue should you happen to be reading the same book with a real-life book club.

2) Along with discussion questions, from now on I’ll be posting a review. That way if you’ve been waiting to see what other people thought before diving in yourself, you have another opinion from which to draw. Usually the review will be written by yours truly. But if you have read or are reading the current selection, you are more than welcome to send me a review to be posted here.

3) Posting suggestions on the Bookworm, RN reading list will change from regularly scheduled to PRN. (Not that it’s been updated recently at all.) But if you read something you want to share, please feel free to send me suggestions!

I love to read and I want to share that love. I invite you to participate as much or as little as you fancy. 🙂

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