Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Last Friday at the end of my shift, my nurse asked me what made me nervous about my second week.  I said I was worried about getting a complicated stroke patient.  When I showed up Wednesday night to get my assignment and go through my patient’s chart, what was next to my name under “Patient Reason for Admission”? Stroke, with history of dementia.

Nice one, Nurse Teeny.

It all turned out okay, however.  The stroke was relatively mild and my patient was in pretty good shape, considering her advanced age.  Her “keystone issue,” as they say in nursing lingo, was more her self-care ability and determining whether she should be discharged home, where she (still) lives alone, or whether she needed more extensive assistance than her family could offer.

She was a bit grouchy  at times (favorite quote of the day: “I wish you would stop talking,” when I asked her if she enjoyed her lunch), but cooperated and even laughed and joked around with me in the afternoons.

Next week is my mid-rotation evaluation.  Already!  And my nurse says I’m ready for a much more complicated patient.

‘Don’t know if this has ever been said in the history of nursing, but I love nursing school!

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