So I’ve been neglecting y’all lately. I apologize. S has not been working and I have subsequently been picking up extra shifts to try and make up the difference in our income. Luckily he found a new job (yay!), so hopefully things will be slowing down for me a little. Thank goodness. I’m tired.

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past month or so (when I haven’t been working)…

  • Trying to sleep. Often unsuccessfully.
  • Battling a new round of migraines. (See above.) I know that when my sleep patterns go haywire, all hell breaks loose in my head. It hasn’t been pretty. This blows because I’ve been pretty stable the past year. So my new headache doctor (bless him) is making some adjustments. He gave me a nerve block injection this week as a stop-gap measure. And he’s adding a med to help me sleep better. I wish all these pharmacological interventions weren’t so necessary. But that’s another struggle for another day. I’m in survival mode.
  • Getting into political wars on Facebook. I know, I know, it’s not worth it. But my exhaustion-addled brain is a little more cranky than usual, and I usually cope with insomnia by going online. Big mistake. I’ve since filtered out the BS on my newsfeed (and considered shutting the whole thing down). I just don’t have the energy for ignorance and name-calling. Stop it.
  • Filing taxes. Being the control freak of the family lends itself well to managing our finances. So I have channeled some of my energy into putting together our tax returns. 

What I haven’t been doing much of is blogging. As you can tell from this discombobulated post, it’s been difficult to string a coherent sentence together. I’m hoping that by checking in, I’ll be motivated to come here more often. I have missed you guys!

Psst…I extended the deadline for the BadgeBlooms giveaway since it didn’t seem fair to be absent myself and still expect you to participate. So you now have until NEXT Friday, February 22 at 11:59 PM EST. Don’t forget!

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