After a veeery busy and crazy work schedule two weeks ago, S and I hopped on a plane to Jamaica!


We were celebrating our annual and much-needed family vacation and had an absolute blast eating too much, drinking too much and getting too much sun! My favorite part was sleeping whenever.I.wanted. It was glorious!


I was expecting to hear about my grad program when I got home, but I decided midweek to check my email and make sure the pups were okay back home. Lo and behold, a message with the subject line “Admission Decision” was awaiting me. And the verdict was…

I’M IN!!!

I’ll be doing a post-master’s year (technically four semesters) to get my certificate as an Oncology NP, and as I’m wrapping that up in Fall 2014, I’ll be starting my DNP. 🙂

Dr. Nurse Teeny, here I come!

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