Read This: April/May 2013

I finished up The Midwife’s Confession right before my vacation and then took a break to do some light (and some not-so-light) beach reading. Review(s) to come forthwith, but in the meantime I wanted to introduce you to my pick for April/May…



S actually gave me this book for my birthday last fall…he knows me too well. 😉

You all know I am a big Suzanne Gordon fan – I think what she has done to advocate for the nursing profession is simply incredible. So when I saw that she had edited this compilation, I knew it would be good. So far I have not been disappointed (and Goodreads seems to agree with me)!

More to come…this book is a great starting point for a lot of very interesting discussions about nursing, as well as a wonderful segue into our next book club selection about pop culture/media portrayals of nursing (you can always check here for an updated schedule and links to past reviews).

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