I’m beginning to understand why my instructors constantly talk about flexibility being the name of the game in nursing.

We have a care plan due next week, based on the assessment and care we provide to our patient today and tomorrow.  So when I went in this week to get my patient assignment, I was intrigued and excited to get assigned to someone I knew would be there both days and required a higher level of care.   When I showed up for my shift this morning, I was ready for the challenge, pleased that my instructor thought I could handle it and incredibly nervous about the complexities of my patient’s situation.

Until I checked the electronic chart and realized my patient was GONE.

Back to the ICU for a diminished respiratory rate.  So much for 3-4 hours’ worth of preparation and research.  Flexibility Test #1.

Then I was assigned to another patient who was pre-op for cervical and lumbar surgery, scheduled for this evening.  Which means he would be there tomorrow too.  I had just wrapped up vital signs when my nurse popped her head in and said his surgery had been bumped up several hours and transport was on their way right that second.  Flexibility Test #2.  We scrambled to complete pre-op paperwork and sent him on down.

So there I was at 10:30.  No patients, no assessment completed, no way to prepare a care plan to follow through on tomorrow.  Crap.  I spent the next several hours assisting my classmate/buddy with his patient’s medication administration, straightening up my surgical patient’s room and catching up on charting.

Lo and behold, my patient from the ICU was transferred back to the floor…10 minutes before my shift was over.

So tomorrow will involve completing a full assessment, thinking through my care plan on my feet, and then following through on my goals as much as possible.

Just go with the flow, Nurse Teeny…

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