April Showers

Yes, yes, I realize we are halfway through May (and I am still trying to figure out how THAT happened). But April was quite an eventful month, featuring me once again neglecting this blog.

I honestly feel like I don’t have much to report these days – work, sleep, work, see my husband on occasion, see my dogs even less. And out of respect for patient privacy, I have tried to use a lot of discretion when posting about work … erring on the side of caution, I suppose.

So here’s what I’ve been up to, in a nutshell:

  • Returned from a fabulous family vacation to discover I’d been admitted to grad school! Had to work out a few kinks with my admission since I applied to two programs, but apparently only one of them got my file. Oops. Not sure how that happened. But it all worked out, thanks to an earnest and supportive dean who fought for me. Phew. So I’m in, officially! I’ll start taking classes for my Oncology NP certification this fall “full-time”, as well as concurrently beginning my DNP on a part-time basis (meaning I’ll take one of the two classes in the first semester curriculum). The entire process, from NP coursework and clinicals to getting my doctoral hood (woot!) should take me about three years.
  • Did I mention that while I’m taking these insane classes (13 credits this fall), I’ll also continue working full-time? I don’t really have a choice. We need the $ and we definitely need the benefits. And so it goes…
  • Began getting all of my pre-registration ducks in a row. From immunization records to online modules, there is a long list of tasks that have to be done before you’re allowed to register. And I have two long lists – one for each program. I think I’m on the home stretch with these…just waiting to hear back from Student Health about my vaccination compliance. Their rules are stricter than my workplace! I can’t wait to get this part done so I can register and share my schedule with y’all…I’m pretty excited about it!
  • Super User classes are in full-swing. Our entire hospital system is adopting a brand new electronic medical records system. Since there are so many components, we’ve been “going live” in waves with the biggest, most complicated go-live scheduled for this summer. This includes our “mothership” hospital. So Super Users from all of the system hospitals are being trained now so that we can fill the gaps in helping with the transition. It’s going to be a huge undertaking, and I can’t tell you how many hours of my “free time” has been devoted to this project. But it’s a fascinating process and it makes me ever-more antsy to adopt the new system at our hospital, which should be next year sometime. 
  • Trying to read for pleasure as much as possible. It won’t be long before that becomes a luxury once again. The book club will probably be taking a hiatus beginning in August…I just won’t be able to keep up (more on that later). But our sectional sofa has become my new resting place for a cup of tea and a good book. (As gorgeous as it is outside, I’m hiding from the pollen.)
  • Starting to audit a Stats course. Quantitative Methods will be my first DNP class this fall and to say I’m rusty would be an understatement. No matter how many stats classes I take, I never feel like I “get it” (I’m a qualitative scholar – was an anthropology major in undergrad and those methods resonate with me much more). But if I’m going to claim the title “Dr.”, I need to get this stuff. Luckily our program posted lectures/notes from one of the nursing school’s basic stats classes that we can “audit” for free. So like a good little overachiever, I’ve mapped out a timeline for reviewing the materials, right up until orientation week. 

That about wraps it up. Nothing too crazy, huh? 😉

I think May is when everything is starting to catch up with me. The pollen count remains high and I had to call out sick all weekend (which I loathe) due to a combination of bad allergies/complete exhaustion. My body just said “Enough is enough” and introduced me to body aches, headaches, horrible nasal/sinus congestion, to name a few charming signs and symptoms. I am feeling better after sleeping for about 48 hours straight.

Now if only this damn pollen would vanish, I would be good to go…

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