Stroke Rounds

Imagine walking into a room filled with ridiculously smart people, including: a neurologist who specializes in stroke care, a nurse practitioner who also specializes in stroke care, the additional stroke specialist interviewing for a job, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist and the chaplain.  Not to mention your nurse, who has been at this for 6 years.

Now imagine being tasked with the responsibility of presenting your patient to this illustrious cohort.  Intimidating much?

That’s what I had to do this morning.  My patient had a hemorrhagic stroke secondary to hypertension three days ago and was just transferred from the ICU to my unit yesterday.  So this was the first day that Neuroscience “stroke rounds” (as they call this daily interdisciplinary powwow) were reviewing her case.  Stroke rounds depend in large part on the nurse, because she (or he) has the most up-to-date information.  And my nurse seemed to think I was ready to take the lead.

Boy, did it feel good.

I’m 100% positive that there is significant room for improvement.  But it was empowering and exciting to be a resource for all those other experts in the field.

Nursing rocks.

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